Art behaves to nature, like wine behaves to grapes
Franz Grillparzer

Since day one of ICARIO, contemporary art is a top priority at our winery. To us the art of winemaking belongs to life as much as contemporary art.

The contemporary art at ICARIO offers an important reflection as well as new perceptions and possibilities of interpretations on contemporary topics which are moving us. In addition, the individual pieces of art demand intensive examination with illusions and with the (often needed) second curious look. The allowance of “being amazed” is one of the many achievements of contemporary art, which you can experience at our winery with a good glass of ICARIO.

At this point, the circle to wine – which was generously given to us by the miracle of nature – is complete. Because we are challenged anew almost every day to keep a fresh look on the uniqueness of each vintage grape harvest without prejudice.

To interpret each vintage wine professionally, innovatively, passionately – and to present it in its best way possible through high class wine production at ICARIO – is a fulfilling challenge for us.

In the end, we want to guarantee you the perfectly charismatic and “art-ful” pleasure in the ICARIO bottle.



Icario Kunst