Die Kunst verhält sich zur Natur, wie der Wein zur Traube.
Franz Grillparzer

Bereits seit der allerersten Stunde von ICARIO wird die zeitgenössische Kunst auf dem Weingut großgeschrieben. Für uns gehört die Kunst des Weinmachens genauso zum Leben dazu, wie die Kunst der Gegenwart.

So bietet uns die contemporary art auf ICARIO eine wichtige Reflektion sowie neue Sichtweisen und Interpretationsmöglichkeiten zu den uns heute bewegenden Themen an. Ebenso erfordern die einzelnen Kunstwerke ein sich intensives Auseinandersetzen mit Illusionen sowie dem oft notwendigen zweiten, neugierigen Blick. Das sich (wieder) „wundern“ dürfen ist darüber hinaus wohl eine von vielen Errungenschaften der zeitgenössischen Kunst, die Sie bei uns vor Ort bei einem guten Glas ICARIO erfahren dürfen.

An dieser Stelle schließt sich für uns der Kreis zum Wein, der uns vom Wunder Natur reichlich geschenkt wird. Denn auch hier sind wir immer wieder aufs Neue gefordert, uns auf die jeweilige Traubenernte des Jahrgangs in ihrer besonderen Einzigartigkeit mit frischem, unvoreingenommenem Blick einzulassen.

Den jeweiligen Weinjahrgang professionell, innovativ und doch mit viel Liebe zu interpretieren sowie ihn durch die hochwertige Weinverarbeitung auf ICARIO in seiner bestmöglichen Art zu präsentieren, ist für uns eine erfüllende Herausforderung, derer wir uns gerne und aus vollem Herzen annehmen. Denn schließlich wollen wir Ihnen stets vollendet charismatischen und „kunst-vollen“ Genuss in der ICARIO Flasche garantieren.


FROM 23th MAY TO 23rd JUNE

“Voci Infinite”

Marino Iotti was born in Reggio Emilia in 1954, and still very young initiates a pictorial journey that will be of interest to authors such as Achille Bonito Oliva, Claudio Cerritelli, Francesca Baboni, Giuseppe Berti, Marinella Paden, Massimo and Sandro Mussini Parmiggiani.

He learned the basic techniques by attending courses that Prof. Giulio Syrians held at Piccola Accademia Regina Pacis, and later with the sculptor Ugo Sterpini. The incessant research is the key feature that characterizes all the work of Marino Iotti.



Sabrina Haunsperg was born in 1980 in Hallein near Salzburg. From 2001 she studied at the Dusseldorf Art Academy with Helmut Federle, Siegfried Anzinger and Herbert Brandl.

From 2008 she was a master student of Herbert Brandl. In 2009 she obtained the USA Scholarship of the DAAD, the Max Ernst Scholarship from the city of Brühl and the special prize of the Foundation Vordemberge Gildewart (Switzerland). Other achievements were the nomination for the Zurich Art Prize of the Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich and the CC Andratx Mallorca Art-in-Residence Program in 2013. Since 2011 the artist has a teaching position at the Technical University of Dortmund. She lives and works in Dusseldorf.

Works by Sabrina Haunsperg are in national and international collections, such as Coll. Mondstudio / D; Malcollection / NL; Warsteiner / D.


“Avant la parole”

Franco Bonetti was born in Florence on June 29, 1958. After his move to Reggio Emilia he attended the Art Institute “D. Clerics” under the guidance of Vittorio Cavicchioni (design) and Graziano Pompili (Plastic Values). He continued his studies in Rieti with Silvano Silvani and in 1979 he joined the Municipal Theatre of Reggio Emilia where he was able to work with different directors and set designers. Franco Bonetti is an outstanding painter and sculptor celebrated as an artist closely tied to the world of theater, known as a painter-decorator, costume and set designer. His original way of using a versatile material such as Plexiglas, places him among those rare artists who do not cease to question himself and that they have a real message to be transmitted. It’s a real storm of colors, contrasts and
combinations that turn up in front of his works.


“American Ride”

Cristina was born in Busto Arsizio on February 26, 1969. She acted in theater in Milan for 5 years after high school, and also made paintings and sculptures. Cristina
works constantly for Willie Nile, Randy Hansen, Jackson Browne, John Mayall and she
is represented by Morrison Hotel Gallery (NYC-LA). Her deep passion is “Blues” and
the highlight of her career will always be the portraits she took of Johnny Winter one month before he died. One of Cristina´s goal is to document the unknown blues
musicians to show the passion and soul and mystery that they give to people when they play: Cristina is used to say that “they have very little visibility in this world yet they make people richer with their music even though they are still poor. It’s a way I can give something back to them”



Luca Santese was born and grew up in Milan area in 1985. He studied at Monza’s
Art institute and at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera in Milan. While attending the
academy, he worked like an assistant in Alex Majoli’s studio. In 2008 he became a
member of the Cesura group. Cesura is a photographers group presenting projects
The concept of the project is to create a strong and independent group capable to
work on quality and artistic research. His work has been published and exhibited in
Europe, Russia and the United States.
Luca won several international awards such as the “World Press Photo 2010 Contest”,
the “Best photographic book of the year 2012” (selected by Gerry Badger), the “ART
BOOKS WANTED International Award 2013” and the “International new talent
photographers Award Winner”.



“Universo adimensionale”

Carlo Franzoso, a.k.a Agathos, is a mathematician and a painter renowned in both fields and, above all, a heretical thinker.

In Mathematics besides being a teacher, he praises partnerships with E. Giusti and E. Bombieri (Fields Medal 1974) that are helping him to validate a demonstration of the so far-notconfuted Goldbach Conjecture (1742): this could be a historical step.

In the Artistic court he is the founder of Transgeometric Spatialism (or Transgeometry), which seeks to put men near science again.

Science has pushed away men that are the prime creators of it. Agathos, by means of Fuzzy Logic, finds out the 5th Dimension or Qualitative Dimension, namely the Human Dimension.

As rewards for his creations, Agathos has been asked to exhibit at: “Le Museé du Louvre” (Paris 2011); “Science Museum” (Milano 2011); “Le Salon International du M.C.A.” (Cannes 2012 – Awarded 1st Painter in the World); “Gala de l’Art” (Montecarlo 2013); “Università Oberta de Barcelona” (Barcelona and Quito simultaneously 2013 – Conferences about Agathos and Gaudì); “Spectrum Miami” (Miami 2014); “Expo New York” (New York 2015); “Palazzo Pubblico” (Siena 2015); “Palazzo Panciatichi” (Firenze 2016) and many more. Furthermore “Mateureka Museum” (2012), “Imperiali Museum” (2013) “Università Oberta de Barcelona” (2013), “Math Museum of Florence” (2015) and all the “Contrade” of Siena’s Palio have acquired an Agathos canvas to be permanently exposed in their structures.

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