Who are the people behind ICARIO?

Besides the right regional conditions, producing a good wine primarily requires real passion as well as a connecting team spirit. The dedication of our employees is the foundation for our ICARIO wine and its unique flavor.

Our team lives the ICARIO spirit day by day and makes sure that we inspire our customers, friends and partners every time anew.

Team Icario


Paolo Vagaggini


Since many years, the renowned enologist Paolo Vaggini – who also teaches at the famous Tuscan Wine School – is involved with the ICARIO winery.

A continuous advancement of the ICARIO wines is possible due to Paolo Vagginis outstanding expertise.

Besides current topics like climate change and aspects of sustainability, Vaggini also includes the visionary creation of the new ICARIO high quality wine “Sansasia” in his ambitious work.

We are very proud to have Paolo Vaggini on board in our ICARIO team!


Francesco and Giacomo Baffetti

Studio Baffetti was founded in 1992 by Giacomo Baffetti.

Thanks to its focus on company development, the Studio became in a few years one of the most important firms in the area of agricultural consulting within the province of Siena.

Today, the experience gained by its team of associates and freelancers makes it one of the leading firms in the agronomic sector.

The consistent number of projects achieved gave rise to important cooperation networks. These include renowned enterprises that focus on aspects of agricultural development connected to Studio Baffetti’s business. Therefore, they represents a unique opportunity to provide all-comprehensive technical advice.