Modernity in relation to tradition

Environmentally friendly construction and materials like hand-broken nature quarrystones are the trademarks of the ICARIO architecture. In spite of its modernity, the winery is perfectly bedded into the landscape scenery and the season of conditional and unique natural spectacles.

The responsible architects of “Studio Valle Progettazione” – with the use of the natural fall of the landscape –  have considered avoiding negative influences on the growing of the wine through minimum mechanical operation. In addition, the layout of the Interior Design unmistakably shows the handwriting of the typical modern and tasteful Italian Styling.

In the individual rooms the puristic impression leaves enough space for the tasteful presentation of the ICARIO wines. Impressive art exhibits of international renowned artists, which are carefully selected by the Rothenberger Family, complete the overall picture and create an uniquely convincing atmosphere.

Icario Weingut