Enrooted wine culture

The ICARIO winery was founded in 1998  in the middle of the hills of Montepulcian. Since May 2015 the Rothenberger Family is owning and managing the estate with their team

The name of the winery and its logo are rooted deeply in the mythological past of the region. The point of origin here is an antique relief from Etruscan times, which shows a winged horse with a fishtail. On the other hand, the name ICARIO relates to an old Greek myth, in which Dyonysos – god of wine and fertility – revealed himself to a mortal man named Icarius and told him to spread the wine culture among humans.

Responsibility for future generations

Obligated to the future of ICARIO and the future generations, the Rothenberger Family continue to lead the winery value-oriented and for the purpose of a family business.

Icario Logo