Connecting the old with the new

The careful handling with nature and the constant advancement of the wine production are as important to us as the openness towards changes and the associated progression.

In the end, we want to keep well-tried traditions, like mellow fermentation and the long maturing in wooden barrels, but we don’t want to refuse new ways of thinking in view of the future.

ICARIO wines should always have the best and highest quality on the market, they should always be characterized by their strong personality and stand for perfect enjoyment of wine with a finely nuanced aroma profile.

Classic values of a family business like honesty, responsibility, innovation and reliability – as well as unconditional quality in all our deeds – form the basis of our daily work.

ICARIO unifies enjoyment of wine, “joie de vivre” and a place to meet, all at once. In addition, there is enough space for culture and music from the region of Montepulciano and the reflection of contemporary culture from all around the world.


Icario Weintrauben